Really Really Free Market!

Starting Date: 09-29-2007
Starting Time: 12:00pm

Dolores Park
19th At Dolores St.
San Francisco, California 94110
United States
Really Really Free Market
Saturday, Sept. 29
Dolores Park (near 19th and Dolores St., SF)
reallyreallyfreemarket [at]

A Really Really Free Market is like a potluck for whatever you want to give or take away. Have you ever brought one dish to a potluck and gone away with a full belly and a balanced meal? Everybody brings something and goes away with more.

We all have skills, ideas, objects, smiles, talents, friendship, excitement, discussions, and many other things to share. If we bring them all together at the Really Really Free Market, we can provide more balanced and full lives for everyone. As a community we have many more resources than we do as individuals. If we share our resources we won't need to buy as many new ones. This uses fewer of the Earth's resources, and fewer of our working hours, leaving us more time to devote to ourselves and our communities. Would we all work forty hours a week at one job if we didn't feel we had to? What if instead we worked at improving our individual skills and talents and shared them with each other? We would all spend more time doing things we enjoyed. The Really Really Free Market is an attempt to put these ideas into practice for four hours every month and then spread the seeds everywhere - share, share, share! Liberate your fears of atomized insecurity, join the free love revolution!
Geographical Scope: Metro

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