Northwest Women of Color and Allies Summit

Starting Date: 11-09-2007
Ending Date: 11-11-2007

Korean Women's Center
Tacoma, Washington 98401
United States
206-448-7348 x334
NOV 9 - 11, at Korean Women's Center, Tacoma; NW WOMEN OF COLOR AND ALLIES (WOCA) Summit.

This gathering reaches out to women and men in the Pacific Northwest region working to advance reproductive justice, promote diversity, end racism, stop violence against women, secure lesbian rights, achieve full equality for all, and sustain economic justice for women Some of the issues participants have already raised: Racism, un-livable family wages, women in the military; Family violence and sexual abuse; We can't afford to ignore why so many in our society are becoming more violent. How do people access resources in rural and under-served communities; Why are there a growing number of women of color in jails and prison; Health care that isn't there and legitimate research that doesn't include women of color; Education that isn't meeting expectations, immigration reform and more; What is your employer doing for you, for women and your community; The US food system and its historic imbalance of social and economic justice; What is its connection to health care, environment, worker rights and immigration; How do we support the men in our communities while strengthening ourselves as women; Organizations participating include: A. Philip Randolph Institute, Tacoma Chapter; Community to Community Development, Bellingham; Hispanic Women's Network, Thurston County; Inland NW Women's Leadership Program; and WSU Women's Resource Center, Pullman; Korean Women's Association, Tacoma; Mujeres Unidas de Idaho, Boise. info or 206-448-73 48 x 334
Geographical Scope: Regional


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