Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom Training - San Francisco, 2008

Starting Date: 02-08-2008
Ending Date: 02-09-2008

San Francisco, California 94110
United States
Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom (SYRF) Regional Training Institute
(RTI) registration is open. Visit the new section on the SYRF website
(www.syrf.org) to learn more about the Institute and complete a registration
form. The SYRF Regional Training Institute is an activist and organizing
training program for young adults that will take place in four cities across
the country between October 2007 and March 2008. We will be making stops in
DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Training dates are as follows:

San Francisco, CA: February 8 – 9, 2008
(APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 31, 2008)

Chicago, IL: March 3 – 4, 2008
(APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 18, 2008)

Each training will feature intensive skills sessions preparing participants to
galvanize community support for reproductive justice in a faithful context.
Trainings will be led by experts in the fields of organizing, religion, and
reproductive justice. Session topics include event planning, communications,
theology, personal leadership development, and more.

SYRF Regional Trainings are completely free to accepted participants.

E-mail info@syrf.org with questions. SYRF is a
program of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.
Geographical Scope: Regional

Spiritual Youth for Reproductive FreedomDistrict of Columbia

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