Los Angeles Social Forum

Starting Date: 06-21-2008
Ending Date: 06-23-2008

Los Angeles, California
United States
Dear Social Activist,

The Los Angeles Social Forum organizing committee invites you and your organization to participate in the upcoming Los Angeles Social Forum in Spring 2008. Our mission is to create open public spaces to discuss, share and act on ideas for social and environmental justice. It will be one night and two days of workshops, music, films, events, and festivities for environmental and social change. It is an ideal event to build and strengthen our social movements by interlinking and developing joint projects with many of Los Angeles' progressive organisations and individuals.

There are a few different ways for groups to get involved:

(1) Your organization can endorse the LA Social Forum, showing your support for its success and helping to make that happen by agreeing to publicize it among your members and friends.

(2) You can join our planning committee to ensure that the LA Social Forum addresses the issues and concerns of your constituents. The dates, times, and locations of our planning meetings can be found on our website: www.lasocialforum.org. Please join us!

(3) You can organize a workshop. Social forums are generated from the grassroots, by and for the community, through the interest and activism of committed groups like your own. It is an ideal space to put forward political proposals, explore alternatives to the status quo, as well as to share your skills and develop joint projects and campaigns with others. Workshops cost nothing extra on top of the registration fee.

(4) You can also propose a cultural event, such as a poetry jam, ritual, film screening, musical performance, visual or performing art that touches on the (broad) themes of ecological protection and social justice.

(5) You can sponsor the LA Social Forum through a cash or in-kind donation. To make the LA Social Forum happen, we need your donations to rent our site, provide technical equipment for workshops and cultural events, and to publicize the LA Social Forum to ensure broad participation.

Since the World Social Forum was initiated in 2001, over 170 social forums have been held in more than 120 cities worldwide, bringing together over a million participants under the banner "Another World is Possible.” The Social Forum Process has provided dynamic open spaces for addressing the 21st century's most pressing local and global challenges, and a place to find direction in creating a just and sustainable world.

We are part of a global movement of citizens for a sustainable and just world. We cannot solve and address the issues we are facing in isolation. By building bridges between many progressive organisations, creating new links, sustaining relationships, forging new ties and sharing visions, we are better able to address the issues we are confronting, be they specific or broad in scope.

We look forward to your participation in this year’s Los Angeles Social Forum. Please let us know how your group would like to be involved by completing the “endorsement form” on our website: www.lasocialforum.org. Please also visit our website for more information or to make a donation for the LA Social Forum (see the “Donate Funds for LASF” link).

In Solidarity,

The Los Angeles Social Forum Organizing Committee
Geographical Scope: State

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