RNC 2008 - Organizing Conference

Starting Date: 02-09-2008
Ending Date: 02-10-2008

U Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55199
United States
Everyone who wants to end the U.S. war on Iraq should join the massive march planned for September 1, 2008 - the first day of the Republican National Convention. Inside the convention hall, the Xcel Center, the Republicans will nominate a candidate who wants to continue the war. Outside, tens of thousands will say “No!” The Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War invites you - activists and organizers from all progressive movements - to join us for a national conference to help organize the September 1 march. We will also discuss other plans for protest at the Republican National Convention.

Already, many key forces in the anti-war, immigrant rights and other movements for justice and equality have signed on to our call for the protest. The February 9-10 conference will allow you and your organization to have input on the planning for the rally and march, lay the basis for all of us to work together on the practical preparations for September 1, and help to coordinate the publicity for this history-making event.

We are committed to uniting all who can be united to march at the RNC with a clear message: “U.S. Out of Iraq Now! Money for human needs, not for war! Say no to the Republican agenda! Demand peace, justice and equality.”

If you have questions, contact us. If you have ideas let us know. If you want to build a powerful, united demonstration at the RNC, make plans now to come to the February 9-10 conference. Conference registration information coming here soon (for now, you can register at http://www.protestrnc.org).

In St. Paul on September 1 , 2008, we can take the future into our own hands and send a message to the world.
Geographical Scope: National

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