2008 Western Regional Queer Conference

Starting Date: 04-18-2008
Ending Date: 04-20-2008

Los Angeles, California 90095
United States
For the past few years, universities across California have hosted numerous conferences for the LGBT Queer community, with topics that have explored the diversity of our community. These conferences have been an amazing experience for those who attended, as well as for those who helped organize them. Spaces like these do not happen often. Some of us are privileged college students and others live in cities where for the most part we feel safe, but sadly, that is not the case for everyone. People in our community are the victims of hate daily; discrimination against Queer people in this world persists and it needs to STOP! We, as the new generation in the Queer movement, need to be the ones at the front lines of the fight, the ones creating the change in our community.

On April 18-20, the Queer Alliance at UCLA is excited to announce that the 2008 Western Regional UCLGBTIQAA Conference will be at UCLA!

The struggle continues and we, the new generation of Queer activists, need to be the ones at the front lines of action, demanding equality and equal rights for ALL members of the LGBT Queer community.

The theme for the 2008 Western Regional Queer Conference is:
Viva la Queervolution! A new generation on the front lines of action!

With this, we hope that you are excited and ready to attend the 2008 Western Regional Queer Conference at UCLA!

--- The Queer Alliance at UCLA
Geographical Scope: Regional


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