From Global Warming to Global Arming

Starting Date: 02-17-2008
Starting Time: 1:00pm

MIT Building 4, Room 153
182 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
United States
From Global Warming to Global Arming:
How Energy and Environmental Concerns Impact International Security

As concern about climate change builds and global security is challenged by the ever-increasing demand for energy worldwide, policy makers and the public debate the best ways to provide sustainable energy. Nuclear power is a popular solution, but it raises concerns about environmental consequences and security risks as more countries demand this energy source. This forum will discuss the challenges that energy issues create for global security, as well as how scientists and policy makers might work together to confront these issues to promote safe, sustainable solutions for current and emerging energy problems. Expert panelists will discuss various aspects of these complex challenges, and then student participants will meet in working groups to discuss potential pathways to energy security and sustainability.

Join us for this free program! Space is limited. RSVP by Wednesday, February 13 to or 1-800-WOW-A-PUG.
Geographical Scope: Metro

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