The Dream Reborn

Starting Date: 04-04-2008
Ending Date: 04-06-2008

Memphis, Tennessee 37502
United States
Green For All is bringing organizations and leaders from communities across the nation together to produce The Dream Reborn. This racially just, green gathering will celebrate the life of Dr. King and present positive solutions for social and environmental equity from today's generation of visionary leaders. Special emphasis will be placed on ecological solutions that can heal the Earth while bringing jobs, justice, wealth and health to ALL of our communities.

A bullet killed the dreamer, but not the dream. And that dream has continued to grow and evolve over the decades, in the minds and hearts of freedom fighters. It's hard to believe it, but since Dr. King's murder, two strong generations have been born and grown into adulthood. The Dream Reborn will create a special opportunity for leaders and activists from those generations to come together and accept the full mantle of service and leadership.

Among the presenters, we will hear from Van Jones (Ella Baker Center/Green For All), Majora Carter (Sustainable South Bronx), Winona LaDuke (Honor the Earth), Malia Lazu (The Gathering for Justice), LaDonna Redmond (Institute for Community Resource Development), Mary Ann Hitt (Appalachian Voices), Reverend Yearwood (Hip Hop Caucus), Adrienne Maree Brown (Ruckus Society), Tony Anderson (Morehouse College Student Leader), Ian Kim (Oakland Green Jobs Corps), Rinku Sen (Applied Research Center), and more.

Thousands of leaders, youth, dream makers and dream seekers, primarily from communities of color, will be joining us at The Dream Reborn to deepen both relationships and skills in the arena of climate justice and building opportunity for poor communities in the new growing green economy.

The Dream Reborn will be a potent, unforgettable event aimed at solving two of the world's most severe crises - global warming and deepening poverty. Together we will build a "community of practice" by listening to the powerful stories of those on the front lines of innovation and opportunity for the nation's poor.
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