Energy and the Environment: Powering the Future Responsibly

Starting Date: 03-21-2008
Starting Time: 5:30pm
Ending Date: 03-22-2008

Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
United States
Purdue Student Pugwash is proud to present its third annual Midwest Regional Conference, “Energy and the Environment: Powering the Future Responsibly.” This conference will examine how the consumption of energy interacts with the global environment. We will explore a wide variety of topics, including: nuclear power as a possible climate change solution, the economics of energy production and consumption, renewable energy and its benefits/disadvantages, hydrogen fuel, and global warming solutions.

Featured Speakers:
* Peter Lyons, Head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
* Mike Heben, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
* Don Wuebbles, University of Illinois

And more!

Your conference registration includes:
* Conference T-shirt
* Conference Informational Booklet
* Guaranteed seating at Keynote
* Admission to formal banquet Friday night.
* Breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

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