Global Marijuana March

Starting Date: 05-29-2008

200+ Cities Globally
Orlando City Hall
Orlando, Florida 32816
United States
We will be gathering on the steps of city hall to let the world know what we feel about the injustice that is being done. Even if you aren't a smoker, come out and support the cause. Everyone should have the right to make the safer choice. Cannabis can save the world - do the research.
Orlando is the 211th city to sign up.

We are looking at getting caravans from miami, tally, and st. pete so feel free to contact me if you are interested in that, or trying to set one up from where you are at.

Remember: the more people you invite, the more people are able to attend. Also, inviting all of your friends can not only show you who else supports your cause, but enables them to invite their friends who also support the cause. The more people, the more the world knows that it is time for a big change.

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You can reach me on AIM at TheStonerArmy

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Geographical Scope: International

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