Northeast Climate Confluence - Summer 2008

Starting Date: 07-27-2008
Ending Date: 08-03-2008

Worcester, Massachusetts 01601
United States
to share ideas and skills, strengthen our relationships, and create solutions to take care of our basic needs. There will be workshops, performances, trainings and strategy sessions about the issues affecting our communities and our planet, from prisons and police brutality to food sovereignty, healthcare and disaster relief. It will also include a day of action in coordination with similar gatherings around the world.

the point where multiple rivers or weather patterns flow together to mix and become stronger. When weather fronts merge, a series of storms is created…

PEOPLE OF ALL AGES and backgrounds will have something to offer to the confluence! Young people will play a particularly important role during the Youth Track, a set of workshops organized by and for youth to empower them to make positive change in their communities and the world. Childcare for younger children will also be provided and parents are encouraged to come.

JOIN THE FUN AND FESTIVITIES! Enjoy and share music, art and good food while meeting people from all over the Northeast. Epworth is a beautiful outdoor space with lots of room for camping, and tents and gear will be available for those who don’t have them. There are wheelchair accessible indoor spaces and beds as well. Donations of any size encouraged to cover costs. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Climate change (aka global warming)
is about more than just carbon in the atmosphere. It directly affects people’s lives. The communities hardest hit by climate disasters are already the most impacted by the injustice that causes environmental devastation: indigenous people, women, LGBTQ folk, people of color, youth, elders, people with disabilities, and the working class.
Geographical Scope: Regional

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