Gender Odyssey 2008

Starting Date: 08-30-2008
Ending Date: 09-01-2008

Seattle, Washington 98110
United States
Gender Odyssey is a national conference focused on the thoughtful exploration of gender. We strive to create an empowering environment where people of all genders can share their experiences and learn from the experiences of others.

Through dialogue, peer-led presentations, and sharing skills and expertise, we work to create broader and evolving language, social support, and life pathways that support all gender identities. By doing so, we hope to strengthen ourselves and develop communities that celebrate all expressions of gender at any age.

Gender Odyssey is open to all. We embrace the presence and participation of traditionally gendered and gender variant people: transmen, transwomen, genderqueers, intersex people, our families, partners, and allies. It is a place for us and those we love to gather together, share our lives, and learn from one another. It is also a great place for those who serve this community to expand their knowledge and understanding of transgender and gender variant issues.

2008 marks Gender Odyssey's 6th conference. Our conference takes place each year in Seattle over Labor Day weekend, and features:
More than 60 workshops, town hall meetings, and caucuses
Social events, entertainment, receptions and BBQ
Films by, for, and about trans and gender variant people
Programming for families, partners, and youth
Geographical Scope: National


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