NO new war on Iran!

Starting Date: 08-02-2008
Starting Time: 12:00pm

State Of Illinois Building Plaza
Randolph And Clark Streets
Chicago, Illinois 60601
United States
Join us as Chicago joins 50+ other cities in a day of protest against a U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran.

12 noon
Saturday, August 2
State of Illinois Building Plaza
Randolph and Clark Streets, Chicago

The threat of a new war against Iran is real:

+++ President Bush has repeatedly threatened war against the country, threatening to repeat the disasters that he's brought to Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel has recently simulated bombing runs against Iran and several authoritative sources say that the U.S. is operating paramilitary forces within the country.

+++ Both major presidential candidates have threatened to bomb the country. McCain and Obama hypocritically refuse to take United States' use of nuclear weapons off of the table while denouncing an alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program which even the U.S.'s own National Intelligence Estimate says does not exist.

+++ The Democratic-controlled Congress is pushing for a resolution that calls for a blockade of Iran – a move widely interpreted as an act of war. Their dangerous resolution, which would give Bush much the same blank check he used to start the Iraq war, has already rolled up more than 200 co-sponsors in the House alone.

Iran has not threatened the U.S. in any way. The Bush administration has been committing crimes against the peace by repeatedly threatening a military attack and making propaganda in favor of such an attack. The U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are illegal, unjust and stand against the demands of the majority of Americans and all the world’s peoples. It is the U.S., its aggression and its attacks on rights at home and abroad that are grave threats.

Since the leaders of both major parties are promoting a new war, the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism is initiating a No War On Iran / U.S. Troops Out of the Middle East protest that will target both parties' headquarters in the Loop.

** Assemble at 12 noon, Saturday, August 2, Randolph & Clark Streets

** Followed by a March to:
-- Cook County Republican Headquarters
-- Barack Obama / Democratic Party Campaign Headquarters
-- the Israeli consulate

** Ending at Millennium Park

No new war or blockade on Iran!
Troops home NOW from Iraq and Afghanistan!
Geographical Scope: Metro

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