Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice 2008 Assembly

Starting Date: 10-04-2008

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201
United States
Saturday, October 4th – 2008 WNPJ Annual Fall Assembly….. Milwaukee

Featured Speaker - Dan Kenney - "Blackwater - and Private Security Firms"; Peacemaker of the Year Awards; business meeting and more. All welcome! Watch for registration materials....

Biographical information of Dan Kenney

Dan Kenney is an educator, activist, and investigative journalist. He is the co-coordinator of the DeKalb Interfaith Network for Peace and Justice. He is co-founder and co-coordinator of noprivatearmies.org and of the Clearwater Project to stop Blackwater World Wide. He also was a founding member of the Illinois Coalition for Peace and Justice.

His article “Lurking Beneath The Surface of Blackwater North” has been widely published on the web. He also has been published in newspapers and journals. He has often spoken to citizen groups on the issue of private armies and Blackwater in particular. He presented this past November at the School Of Americas Vigil in Columbus Georgia and on the campus of Northwestern University. On February 2nd 2008, he presented at an international conference at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The conference is entitled: “The Privatization of Security and Human Rights in The Americas: Perspectives from the Global South.”

He serves on the Board of Directors of the DeKalb Teachers’ Union Local of the American Federation of Teachers. He also is a member of the City of DeKalb Environmental Commission. His poetry has also appeared in journals. In addition to the above he is a fourth grade teacher in the DeKalb School District of DeKalb Illinois. Contact: Dan Kenney at dkenney@dekalbinterfaithnetwork.org

The Fall Assembly will be hosted by:
Marquette University Center for Peacemaking
Geographical Scope: State


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