Grassroots Organizers Training for Power

Starting Date: 09-18-2008
Ending Date: 11-06-2008

Mid South Peace And Justice Center
1000 S. Cooper
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
United States
What is G.O.T. Power?
G.O.T. Power is an eight-week intensive training in the fundamental skills of community organizing. If you have the desire and commitment to make our city a better place, G.O.T. Power will give you:
real-world skills you need to be effective in your organizing,
expert advice from leaders in the field
a wide range of practical resources, hands on tools, and locally relevant information
a support system of other people who share your vision for a better world

What skills topics are covered?
The eight-week workshop series includes an introduction to direct action organizing which includes; power analysis, strategic planning, public speaking, planning a variety of public events, fundraising for justice, working with local media, becoming your own media, coalition-building, and transforming conflicts.

Who leads the workshops?
Each workshop is facilitated by community leaders highly experienced in that particular field. Over the course of eight weeks, you will learn directly from a variety of the Mid-South’s best organizers, outreach specialists, organizational planners and media people.

Who participates in G.O.T. Power?
G.O.T. Power attracts participants from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are paid community organizers, some are community activists in their spare time, and some are in social service fields and want to incorporate a community organizing perspective into their work. Many others are people like you who want to learn more and get more involved in their communities. What unites us all is a vision to make our city a better place by building strong, powerful organizations of the people directly affected by the problems in our communities.

What topics are covered?
Intro to Organizing
What is DAO? • Why We Do DAO
Strategic Planning/Campaign Planning
Choosing an Issue • Organizing Models • Developing a Strategy • Guide to Tactics
Organizing Your Community
Building and Joining Coalitions • Recruiting • Outreach • Leadership • Faith-based Organizing
Planning Events and Running Effective Meetings
Media and Public Speaking
Transforming Conflict
Grassroots Fundraising
Direct Action

How do I sign up?
Contact the Mid South Peace and Justice Center and ask to register by calling (901)725-4990 or email us at Participants must commit to attending all eight sessions. The training begins on September18 and ends November 6. We will meet on Thursday evenings from 6-8 in the Mid South Peace and Justice Center, 1000 S. Cooper.
Geographical Scope: Metro

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