Open the Undemocratic Debates! Protest

Starting Date: 10-15-2008
Starting Time: 4:00pm

Market At Powell (and All Over The Country)
San Francisco, California 94110
United States

Protest the exclusion of Ralph Nader and other third party candidates from the Presidential Debates

WHERE: Downtown San Francisco, at Market and Powell

WHEN: Wednesday, October 15th at 4pm

WHO: You, Me, Ralph Nader supporters, third party candidate supporters, anti-war advocates, clean energy advocates, single-payer healthcare advocates, and anyone/everyone that believes the presidential debates should be open to all presidential candidates of 2008.

WHY: On Wednesday, October the 15th at 6pm (pacific time), the third and final presidential debate sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) will be held at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY. This debate will be including Barack Obama and John McCain and will be viewed by millions across the nation and around the globe.

So, what's the problem here? The debate will be excluding ALL third party candidates, thus denying millions of voters the opportunity to hear another voice on current issues facing America, including those issues ignored by Barack Obama and John McCain including, but not limited to: the abolition of nuclear weapons, a reverse policy in the middle east, and single-payer healthcare. By denying Americans the voice and wisdom of Ralph Nader and other third party candidates, the CPD and other co-sponsors are blacking out the issues that Obama and McCain are ignoring.

The bottom line is this: Ralph Nader is speaking on important issues that the other two major party candidates aren't even touching and if he isn't getting fair media coverage, then not only will Nader's campaign be ignored, but also the issues he stands for and the people he's representing (the majority of Americans want what Nader has to offer...). Let's not let this election be decided by a flip of the coin; let the voters be educated on their candidates before November.

If you want to speak out and protest the exclusion of Ralph Nader and other third party candidates from the debate, join us on Wednesday, October 15th, 4pm, at Market and Powell, downtown San Francisco.

FORWARD THIS E-MAIL!!!! If you're planning on coming to the protest, bring some friends and signs to hold. We'll have a few signs made already, but not enough for everyone. thank you!

Rusty Stephens
909 225 2484

Paid for by Ralph Nader for President 2008
Geographical Scope: National

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