A World Beyond Capitalism 2008

Starting Date: 10-25-2008
Ending Date: 10-26-2008

Olympia, Washington 98507
United States
4 Years Strong, 3 Documentaries Recorded, 2 Ways To Join us, 1 Mission: Networking and Working Together to Create A World That is Beyond Capitalism!

The Fourth Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference

The Mission Statement:

A World Beyond Capitalism 2008 invites activists to come to the Pacific Northwest in October 2008 and engage in several days of educational discussion and visionary dialogue.

We believe in the need to reflect and imagine the future of the world beyond capitalism. We will emphasize the need for multi-lingual, long-term strategy through open dialogue and bridging political theory with non-violent practice.

By building on the increasing number of conferences worldwide in which people from diverse backgrounds, races and cultures discuss subjects regarding world peace, we hope to build solidarity among diverse organizing communities.
Geographical Scope: International

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