Amnesty Intl 2008 Northest Regional Conference

Starting Date: 11-14-2008
Ending Date: 11-15-2008

Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

Juan E. Mendéz, President, International Center for Transitional Justice.

A native of Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, Mr. Mendéz has dedicated his legal career to the defense of human rights and has a long and distinguished record of advocacy throughout the Americas. As a result of his involvement in representing political prisoners, the Argentinean military dictatorship arrested him and subjected him to torture and administrative detention for more than a year. During this time, Amnesty International adopted him as a "Prisoner of Conscience." After his release from detention in the late 1970s, Mr. Mendéz moved to the United States.
Learn more:
Amnesty International Justice
The International Center for Transitional Justice

Grace Akallo, author of GIRL SOLDIER

Grace Akallo speaks about decades of brutal armies of rebels raiding villages in northern Uganda, kidnapping children and turning them into soldiers or wives of commanders. More than 30,000 children have been abducted over the last twenty years. Grace Akallo was one of these. Her story recounts her terrifying experience.
Learn more: child soldiers

I Live Here - a visually stunning narrative

I Live Here: Reading by Mia Kirshner
Mia Kirshner works as an actress in film and television, most recently in Showtime's The L Word and Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia. She will be reading from her new book I Live Here, published with support from Amnesty International, and in conjunction with their celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to assist displaced people around the world.

Focus Panels

Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy: Challenges for the New Administration in the First 100 Days • Libya-Human Rights Under Gaddafi • The Challenge of Human Rights In Africa

Advocate for Change: Put Stopping Violence Against Women at the Center Stage • Build to Win, Build to Last! From Issues to a Human Rights Movement • Building diverse coalitions & working effectively with them while maintaining AI's identity • Campaigning on behalf of the Death Penalty • Campaigning techniques and advanced actions: Spotlight on the NE Special Focus Case • Consultation with the Resolutions Process Review Committee (RRC) • Corporate action focus on US investment companies tied to oil companies operating in Sudan • Counter Terror with Justice: Teach-in and Stop Torture • Dialogue: Engaging Amnesty's Members • Displaced: Bring the Darfur Experience to Your Community and End the Violence • Human Rights & the Arts • Journalist at Risk • Media 101 • Planning "successful" public events • Rock the Vote: Taking Legislative Action • Student Group Organizing 101 • Student/Local Group Organizing • What does the role of Private Military Security Contractors working abroad have to do with the "War on Terror"? • "Why Some Arms Deals are Dead Wrong" • Zimbabwe: The Protection of Human Rights in Political Transitions

We have assembled information and campaign actions for you to participate in while you are attending the Northeast Regional Conference. In addition, the actions are designed "To Go". Take back the information and ideas for action to your student or community group and plan to hold a public events or action.

Amnesty International is a grass roots organization. Any individual member or group of members has an opportunity to impact the mission, method, policy, organization or allocation of resources. Resolutions are a means by which members can influence policy on a regional, national, or international level. The purpose of a resolution is to direct a change in policy, in the method for instituting policy, or in Amnesty's organizational structure. A resolution can be as simple as asking for clarification of current procedures, or as complex as requesting a change in AI's mission. Learn more: Resolutions
At the AIUSA Regional Conferences, Resolutions may be voted on by Individual Voting Members who have paid dues to AIUSA or submitted a valid dues waiver within the last year and by the September 10 record date and by one designated delegate from each AIUSA Student or Local Group.
Geographical Scope: Regional

Human Rights

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