Revolutionary love: from “me” to “we”...redefining intimacy and activism

Starting Date: 02-14-2009
Starting Time: 9:30am

MLK Jr Student Union
NW Corner Of Telegraph & Bancroft Ave.
Berkeley, California 94720
United States
This year’s theme explores the foundations of self-love, from which we connect mind, body and spirit, and discover ourselves. From a place of self-knowledge, we are able to extend ourselves to progressively more inclusive spheres beginning with friends, parents, romantic partners, children, and broadening to community, and the nation. The conference focuses on love as a healing process that inspires personal growth and resistance to oppression, exposing and exploring the ways in which institutions shape our perception of love. We challenge resistance and activism to begin inwardly, evolving our own reality and then progressing outward as we confront the intersections of poverty, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, militarism and imperialism. We consider the ways in which women of color can be politically active in their everyday choices while embracing their familial roles and working towards egalitarian relationships.

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Geographical Scope: National

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