Capitol Climate Action

Starting Date: 03-02-2009

Washington, District of Columbia 20003
United States
We can determine the fate of our generation. We know there is a climate crisis and we know we have to stop it. We’ve organized, we’ve lobbied, we’ve passed policies, we’ve educated, we’ve agitated, and still our government has not recognized the scope and urgency of global warming. We know we have the capacity to transform our society, what we lack is the political will.

But now there is a new administration and a new Congress, which gives us another chance. We have a window, but we must open it. Together.

Like the movements that have come before us, we have an opportunity to send a powerful message of urgency through peaceful civil disobedience. There has never been an American tradition more noble, and it is needed now more than ever.

Join thousands of citizens, young and old, who are taking action to lead us toward ecological sanity and sustainability.

We’re taking our action to the Capitol Coal-fired Power Plant in Washington DC – a plant that is literally powering Congress with dirty energy.

It will be the largest mass civil disobedience to stop global warming in US history. Join us.
Geographical Scope: National

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