Starting Date: 04-24-2009
Ending Date: 04-26-2009

New College Of Florida
Sarasota, Florida 34243
United States
check out the 2nd Annual ALL POWER TO THE IMAGINATION CONFERENCE happening April 24, 25, and 25th 2009.

call for student support, participation, and presentations:
the all power to the imagination conference is organized around the premise of creating a forum in which ANYONE interested in positive action can discuss, contribute to, and learn from the discourse, experiences, and methodologies of those actively engaged in efforts to make the change they want to see in the world. We are looking for students to give presentations on relevant topics of interest to them at the conference. It is possible to use material from current or past classes or even set up a tutorial where the presentation is a requirement, though the presentations do not have to be academic in nature. Topics can range from workshops on organized resistance and community building to neoliberal policies, climate change, and/or freegan cooking. If you yourself do not want to present but have a good idea for a presentation or know some rad folk whom you would like to come speak, let us know so we can make it happen!

more about the conference:
last year, the conference was mainly focused on attempting to bridge the gap between "radical theory and practice. please new college, don't be scared off by the term radical. by "radical" theory and practice we mean alternative ideas and models of action to mainstream ideology (i should specify that the conference may be considered "leftist," though if any fanatic rights really want to speak/present then by all means we are attempting an open forum). Presentations, workshops, and activities will be geared toward illuminating theories (both academic and non-academic), practices, and real life examples of organized resistance to institutional abuses of power. There is a large gap between academic discourse on social theory and alternate models for social relations and the grassroots actions and theoretical frameworks of community organizers working to protect and enhance their communities. This year's conference will continue its efforts to bridge this gap by creating a space in which a diversity of people can collaborate on building and applying their knowledge, providing a useful resource for everyone who wants to work for positive change now.

there will be three full days of presentations, work shops, activities, and entertainment. For a list of last years topics and the general set up for the conference, check out this website:
we are currently updating the website for this years conference and will keep you posted!

if you are intrigued and want more information regarding the details of the conference or would like to present, please contact melissa fisher by email ( or phone 727-460-5021.

the All Power to the Imagination Conference is April 24th-26th! Please come out and join us!

thank you for your time new college
-your neighborhood all inclusive infoshop/radical alliance
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