New Heaven, New Earth: Anarchism and Christianity Beyond Empire - Jesus Radicals 2009

Starting Date: 08-14-2009
Ending Date: 08-15-2009

Caritas Village
Memphis, Tennessee 38112
United States
The 2009 Jesus Radicals Anarchism and Christianity conference will look squarely at the various crises facing the globe—especially the financial and ecological crisis. An economic system based on unregulated, exponential, constant growth and that depends on wanton consumption is simply unsustainable. Similarly, destroying the irreplaceable gifts of creation as if our actions do not have consequences is surely a sign of madness. The question we face at this pivotal time of global turmoil is not if our human empires will fall apart, but when they will fall. And the question is how will we face it?

This year’s conference aims to be a time to think about the possibilities for the world to come and not to simply succumb to mourning. The speakers and the workshops will not only provide a much needed reality check, but also point to signs of faithfulness and hope. We want to see these current challenges as an opportunity for creativity, for alternative living, for radical sharing, for faithfulness, for a new way of being. We are living in a karios moment that will either break us or compel us to finally strive for a sane way of life. The choice is ours. We hope you will join the conversation.
Geographical Scope: National

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