Z Media Institute and Z Magazine Radical Media Convergence

Starting Date: 05-27-2009
Ending Date: 05-31-2009

Seattle, Washington 98109
United States
The Z Media Institute (ZMI) and Z Magazine First International Reunion and Radical Media Convergence is an event open to the public that starts May 27th and ends May 31st, 2009. This event will take place in several cities for people who can travel and this event will also take place online in our discussion forums for those who cannot travel. Z Magazine is a radical activist Magazine published by the organizers of the Z Media Institute. ZMI speakers have included Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky and many more speakers from around the world. The ZMI 2007 alumni and member of the mutualist project are independently organizing the first First International Reunion of ZMI Alumni, friends and family. Friends and family of Z magazine and Z Media Institute who have never attended ZMI are also very welcome to join us. Potluck food events, spontaneous radical workshops and open forum discussion. This is an effort to create indigenous open forum discussion and networking without formal, institutional conference procedures, planned speakers, hierarchy while having fun working for a better world. Discussion portion is Free of charge. Please visit the website for photos, our online community/social networking website with discussion, twitter updates, schedule and more. http://www.PeaceCommunities.org
Geographical Scope: National

The Mutualist ProjectWashington

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