Fellowship of Reconciliation Annual Northwest Conference

Starting Date: 07-02-2009
Ending Date: 07-05-2009

Seabeck, Washington 98380
United States
Members and friends of the Fellowship of Reconciliation in the Pacific Northwest travel to Seabeck each July to spend a few short, early summer days building the beloved community. Seabeck sits beside a beautiful sheltered bay with snow-capped mountains in the distance, surrounded by century-old buildings and remnants of ancient forest.

This year our theme is: "How to build a just and sustainable world." As part of a 94-year-old international peace organization, we chose this theme because we agree with the idea "if you want peace, work for justice." A peaceful planet can only be achieved if there is true justice. Further, with each passing year, it is becomes more clear that if we want a world at all, we need to work toward a sustainable one. FOR is part of the huge number of people around the planet who are moving toward that goal, looking at personal, local, regional, and national ways to think, act, and live sustainably. Our few days together at Seabeck will give us just enough taste of such a world that we can return to our work-a-day lives refreshed and recommitted.

We invite you to join us as we sing and play, enjoy nature and one another, learn from nationally known keynote speakers - Antonia Juhasz and John Lindsay-Poland - and participate in guided workshops, serious and fun.

Thanks in advance to the Seabeck Planning Committee: Brenda Collier (chair), Glen Anderson, Jean Buskin, Ellen Finkelstein, Jean Gant, Karen Kirkwood, Louise Lansberry, Joshua Liljenstolpe, Marcia Mullins, Paul Pruitt, John Repp, Barbara Sardarov, Kathy Shuman, Jo Walter
Geographical Scope: Regional

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