Campus Progress 2009 National Conference

Starting Date: 07-07-2009
Ending Date: 07-09-2009

Washington, District of Columbia 20003
United States
The 2009 Campus Progress National Conference: Delivering Change

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
• Campus Progress and Campus Camp Wellstone Grassroots Training Day
• Campus Progress Journalism in Action Day

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
• Campus Progress National Conference

Thursday, July 9, 2009
• Campus Progress and The Nation Youth Journalism Conference
• Campus Progress Youth Lobby Day

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You organized in your community. You registered voters. You voted. Progressives won. Now what?

At the fifth annual Campus Progress National Conference, to be held on July 8, 2009, in Washington DC, hundreds of young people will come together to address the task of Delivering Change. They will discuss the critical challenges our generation faces, and to develop the ideas, networks, and innovations that will help us meet those challenges.

Our generation has a real opportunity to deliver change – to move the country in a strongly progressive direction. Just as our hard work was essential to bringing progressive results in 2008, we need to stay dedicated to working for progressive change, to pressing government for action, to ensuring an economic recovery effort that advances opportunity for all. At the Campus Progress National Conference, we’ll come together and prove we’re serious about a progressive future, and we’re not letting anyone stand in our way.

Past speakers at the Campus Progress National Conference have included:

• Barack Obama
• Bill Clinton
• Nancy Pelosi
• Russ Feingold
• John Lewis
• Keith Ellison
• Linda Sanchez
• Tammy Baldwin
• Samantha Power
• Van Jones
• Majora Carter
• Seymour Hersh
• Helen Thomas
• Talib Kweli
• Ralph Nader
• Ryan Gosling

Launched in 2005, Campus Progress is a dynamic progressive organization that works with and for young people to bring about positive change on issues from economic opportunity, to sustainability, to human rights and justice. Through innovative programs in activism, journalism, and events, Campus Progress helps young people to make their voices heard, turn their ideas into action, and push policy outcomes in a strongly progressive direction. Learn more at

Other Conference Activities
Campus Progress and The Nation National Youth Journalism Conference

Campus Progress and The Nation magazine’s annual Youth Journalism Conference is a day of workshops and skills sessions with award-winning journalists from top publications. Participants have the opportunity to hear great speakers, network with professionals, and learn the skills to succeed in journalism.

Past speakers at the Campus Progress and The Nation National Youth Journalism Conference have included:

• Barbara Ehrenreich
• Eric Schlosser
• Naomi Klein
• E.J. Dionne
Journalism in Action

This day-long event will offer an in-depth journalism learning experience, potentially including a visit to the Newseum, publication and/or writing critiques, and the opportunity to produce and receive criticism on an originally-reported story or multimedia package.
Campus Progress Grassroots Training Day

The Grassroots Training Day teaches the skills young people need to effectively organize on campus or in their communities.

Trainings in the past have included:

• Planning an Effective Issue Campaign
• Recruitment and Retention
• Media Bootcamp
• Events Planning
Campus Progress Youth Lobby Day (July 9, 2009)

You weren’t planning on coming to Washington D.C. without visiting your elected officials, were you? At the Lobby Day, Campus Progress will be training, prepping, and taking hundreds of fired up young progressives to Capitol Hill to demand concrete solutions to the economic challenges that young people face on issues like health care, green jobs, and higher education. We’ll set up the meetings, do the research, and get you there. Just bring your passion and ener
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