West Coast Convergence for Climate Justice and Action

Starting Date: 09-18-2009
Ending Date: 09-21-2009

Richmond, California
United States
Community leaders of Richmond, CA and the international climate justice community invite you to spend 3 days learning, building, & preparing for action!

Tired of hearing about climate change? Then do something.

In order to bring our climate back to the safe zone and avoid catastrophic consequences, we need to make massive emissions cuts now. There’s only one way we can achieve that: we need to turn the political heat way up — and push back the corporate and business lobbyists who use false solutions (clean coal and carbon offsets) to keep polluting and profiting. Climate change is rooted in an unjust economic system controlled by corporations at the expense of people and planet. Climate justice means we need to address these root causes and create positive alternatives; localized, low-carbon communities and economies.

The 2009 West Coast Convergence for Climate Justice is a three-day training and movement-building convergence followed by a mass action. Join us to learn about climate change and climate politics, support local communities in their ongoing fights for climate justice, & build a stronger Climate Justice movement on the West Coast leading up to the international days of action on October 24th and November 30th and international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December.

Organized by Mobilization for Climate Justice West, mcjbay[at]gmail[dot]com, 510-550-2836
Geographical Scope: Regional

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