Re-imagining News and Community in the Pacific Northwest

Starting Date: 01-07-2010
Ending Date: 01-09-2010

Seattle, Washington 98110
United States
Re-imagining News & Community in the Pacific Northwest:
a Seattle conference on journalism that matters. Jan 7-9, 2010

[scholarships available for young media makers; see below]

Across the United States, our media ecosystem is quickly evolving. Old news organizations are shrinking as formerly reliable income streams dry up, and as audiences discover alternative news choices – or simply read less. At the same time, new technologies and the work of committed people are making it easier to build new information sources that allow many more people to join the "news" conversation and stoke the fires of civic passion.

In the Pacific Northwest, this evolution is proceeding rapidly. What's working? Are the information needs of our communities being met? How can the public and journalists collaborate?

To find out, Journalism That Matters is convening a regionally-focused conversation, part of an ongoing national series of conferences aimed at provoking critical questions and creating new ideas for journalism that truly serves our communities and our democracy.

Who's coming: some 150 editors, writers, broacasters, bloggers, producers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, educators, students, digital entrepreneurs, media activists, community journalists, public advocates and public-policy experts.

The format: apart from a small number of "catalyst" speakers at key moments, the conference will use the "open space" method of organizing, allowing participants to propose their own discussion/workshop topics, to cross-pollinate and have deep, focused conversations with a range of newsmakers, media producers and community members.

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Registration costs are on a sliding scale: $75-$250. Limited scholarships are available for young journalists and media makers. To apply for scholarship funds, please register for the conference and fill out thisfinancial assistance form.

Conference sponsors include the Asian American Journalists Association (Seattle Chapter), Media Giraffe Project, Microsoft, the UW Department of Communication/Masters Program in Digital Media, the NW Science Writers Association, Reclaim the Media, the Reynolds Journalism Institute and the Washington News Council.

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