Campus Antiwar Network 2010 National Conference

Starting Date: 02-27-2010

University Of Illinois
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois 61801
United States
CANference 2010

We are now accepting workshop proposals! That means: write 100 words or less about what you want to talk about. Give it a title! Include your name and city and contact info! You can do a workshop on your own, or work with other people and organizations. Deadline for workshop submissions is January 20th, but please, do it sooner rather than later. Click here to submit a proposal! You can also register by clicking here.

Campus Antiwar Network is the largest and leading independent, democratic, grassroots network of students opposing the occupation of Iraq and military recruiters in our schools at campuses all over the country. Since our formation before the war in Iraq began, our unapologetic opposition to the U.S. government's project of conquest and plunder in the Middle East, along with its horrible consequences at home, has been unwavering.

Our goal is to unite all antiwar students on colleges and high schools alike to democratically build a broad antiwar and counter-recruitment movement to help bring the troops home now. To this end, we've had a strong presence at every national antiwar demonstration and continue to build countless local actions. We've had national and regional activist conferences and toured GI war resisters around the country.

And in one of the most important developments for student antiwar activism this past year, we've helped to spearhead the counter- recruitment movement on campuses, directly challenging the military in its diminishing ability to carry out the immoral and illegal occupation of Iraq. Leading walkouts of hundreds of students, we've already kicked military recruiters off of Seattle Central Community College, City College of New York, San Francisco State University, Southern Connecticut State University, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Illinois in Chicago, and others.

Join us in turning the growing antiwar sentiment across the country into antiwar activism, and stopping the militarization of our schools and unjust war on innocent people. The students united will never be defeated!
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Campus Antiwar Network 


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