Starting Date: 04-16-2010
Starting Time: 7:00pm

623 A Meeting Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29412
United States

April 16th and 17th

Queerfest is a two day event which will take place at the Outer Space at 623 A Meeting Street. It will commence with a Queer Warrior-themed parade from the gazebo at Hampton Park to the Outer Space. From 7:00 to 10:00 pm on Friday the 16th there will be an art show titled the Queer Show, which will bring together artists from the Charleston area exploring the meaning of queerness in a time-bases medium. On Saturday the 17, there will be a series of workshops which will delve into the queer experience. Topics for the workshops will be as follows: Gender Theory; Androgyny and Alchemy; Queer Feminism; Art as Activism; Sex and Consent; GLBTQQ Activism. Queerfest will culminate in a music show on the evening of the 17th, with local and traveling musicians who are invested in the queer experience visibility. After the music show, Holy City Bike Coop will be coordinating a Queers with Gears Midnight Mystery Bike Ride out from the Outer Space.
Queerfest is meant to provide a means of exploration of the queer identity and experience through the mediums which most affect our generation: art, music, and intellectual discourse. We want to create a more inclusive word and world for individuals with alternative sexualities, excluding only the most hetero-normative , binaric, and culturally imposed versions of sexuality. In essence, queer does not exclude heterosexuality.
Geographical Scope: State

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