2010 Campus Progress National Conference

Starting Date: 07-07-2010
Ending Date: 07-08-2010

Washington, District of Columbia 20003
United States
You voted, you organized, and progressives won. But delivering change has not been easy. There have been obstacles—Washington gridlock and fierce pushback from conservatives and special interests. But you haven’t given up. You know what’s right, and you won’t let the opponents of change stop us from moving this country in a progressive direction.

You know that it’s time to stand up and fight back.

At the sixth annual Campus Progress National Conference, more than 1200 young people will come together to continue the fight for change. You will discuss the critical challenges our generation faces, and develop the ideas, networks, and innovations that will help us help overcome obstacles and create a new, more progressive America.

Day 1: July 7, 2010
Get ready for a program of inspiring speeches, panels, performances, and interactive discussions. You will hear from and ask questions of a tremendous roster of speakers – famous people, powerful people, talented people, up-and-coming young leaders. Speakers at this conference in past years have included Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis, Linda Sanchez, Kathleen Sebelius, Van Jones, Samantha Power, Seymour Hersh, Helen Thomas, Majora Carter, John Oliver, Ryan Gosling, and, of course, Fat Joe. You will connect with a remarkable group of young participants from around the country. You will discuss the issues and the prospects for change.

Day 2: July 8, 2010
The advocacy day, where words will be put into action and young people will learn skills needed to become an advocate on the issues that matter to them and engage with congressional offices on Capitol Hill to press for change on those issues. You’ll get the opportunity to put your principles into action. Campus Progress will train, prep, and help deliver hundreds of fired-up young progressives to Capitol Hill to demand concrete solutions to challenges that young people face on issues like green jobs, immigration, and LGBTQ rights. We’ll set up the meetings with Senate offices, do the research, and get you there. We’ll also arm you with the skills you need to make your voice heard in the media. Just bring your passion and energy.

Stay tuned for updates about speakers, panels, and more.

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