Rouge Conference Forum: Education in the Public Interest

Starting Date: 08-02-2010
Ending Date: 08-05-2010

Williams Bay, Wisconsin 53191
United States
The Rouge Forum 2010 conference will be held at George Williams College conference center in Williams Bay, Wisconsin from August 2-5, 2010.

The gorgeous campus of George Williams College is located on Geneva Lake in Williams Bay, WI, just 1.5 hours from Chicago and one hour from Milwaukee and Madison, WI. The retreat setting of the conference facilities will provide Rouge Forum attendees with a variety of options for housing and meals.

Watch this space for the call for papers and information on travel, lodging, and conference activities.

For more information contact conference coordinator Faith

he Rouge Forum is a group of educators, students, and parents seeking a democratic society. We are concerned about questions like these: How can we teach against racism, national chauvinism and sexism in an increasingly authoritarian and undemocratic society? How can we gain enough real power to keep our ideals and still teach--or learn? Whose interests shall school serve in a society that is ever more unequal?

We are both research and action oriented. We want to learn about equality, democracy and social justice as we simultaneously struggle to bring into practice our present understanding of what that is. We seek to build a caring inclusive community which understands that an injury to one is an injury to all. At the same time, our caring community is going to need to deal decisively with an opposition that is sometimes ruthless
Geographical Scope: Regional

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