United Students Against Sweatshops 2011 National Conference

Starting Date: 02-04-2011
Ending Date: 02-05-2011

Columbus, Ohio
United States
REGISTER NOW for the 2011 USAS National Conference, Feb. 4-5 in Columbus, OH.

Deadline to register: January 28.

Deadline to apply for travel scholarships: December 15.

Plan your group’s travel now! You need to arrive in Columbus the night of Thursday, February 3, and leave Sunday, February 6. Housing and food will be provided to anyone registered for the conference.
Join USAS on February 4-5

It’s time for students and workers to raise our voices. This February, hundreds of students from across the nation are coming together to build a stronger movement fighting for justice at our colleges and universities.

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is a national organization run entirely by students. We are students at community colleges and 4-year colleges, undegrads and grad students, experienced organizers and brand new activists. We campaign alongside workers and use our leverage as students to win historic victories over billionaire corporations. And we want you to join us.

Register for the National Conference and be a part of building a stronger movement of students and workers fighting for justice!

This year’s USAS National Conference will be February 4-5, 2011. USAS members voted to hold the conference at Ohio State University, home of Buckeyes football and the highest-paid public university president in the country. Like USAS organizers on 150 other campuses, Ohio State students are taking action together with campus workers and garment workers to stop allowing their university to drive a race-to-the-bottom for workers, by outsourcing work on campus to whichever corporation will do it the cheapest and ignoring workers fighting sweatshops in the factories that produce Buckeye apparel.

The 2011 USAS National Conference is a unique chance to gather with hundreds of students committed to taking back our universities from those who value corporate greed instead of respect for workers and affordable quality education for all. At the conference, you’ll:

* Learn about and plan national USAS campaigns with workers who sew our schools’ clothes and workers on our campuses.
* Sharpen your organizing skills and get new ideas for your campus group with workshops and trainings with veteran student and labor organizers.
* Join teams of students already working to build our student-labor movement much larger, share experiences with organizers from all walks of life, and make our work more dynamic, creative and fun.
* Be part of a powerful student movement that fights for justice, and wins!

Click here to register now, and start planning your group’s travel to Columbus.

14 years after students formed USAS to counter the power of multinational corporations and corporate-friendly college administrators, we are celebrating major student-worker victories this year. Alta Gracia, a historic apparel line made by union activists in the Dominican Republic, hit college bookstore shelves this fall after a decade-long struggle with Nike over labor practices in that country. In Honduras, union activists are back at work at the Russell Athletic factory that re-opened after students waged the largest college boycott to ever target a single company. And for the first time ever, students forced universities to sever their contracts with Nike and pressured the company to finally take responsibility for millions owed to workers in its Honduran supply chain.

And the party don’t stop. As students, we’re taking on the fight for justice with campus workers like never before. We’re fighting for living wages at universities in Virginia and Boston. We’re building a new state-wide campaign with University of California clerical workers. We’re fighting unfair layoffs and other cuts facing campus workers. And with efforts like the growing national student campaign in solidarity with campus workers employed by Sodexo, we’re demanding an end to the on campus race-to-the-bottom, spurred by our university’s outsourcing and privatization of campus workers’ jobs.

We’re also fighting for justice beyond the workplace: stopping cuts to ethnic studies programs, protesting outrageous tuition hikes, and standing against attacks on immigrant students’ access to education.

Will you join us to build a student movement that will stop sweatshop universities dead in their tracks and take our schools back from corporations and corporate-friendly administrators who don’t put students and workers first? Whether you’re totally new to activism or have some experience under you belt, register now and we’ll send you more information on how you can get involved!

The deadline for registration is January 28, and the deadline to apply for travel scholarships is December 17. Plan your group’s travel now! You need to arrive in Columbus the night of Thursday, February 3, and leave Sunday, February 6. Housing and food is free to anyone registered for the conference.

For more information, contact organize@usas.org

See you in Columbus!

Gautam Kumaraswamy, Lenora Knowles, KB Brower
USAS National Coordinating Committee
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