Jesus Radicals 2011 US Conference

Starting Date: 07-29-2011
Ending Date: 07-30-2011

Faith Mennonite Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401
United States
The ninth annual Jesus Radicals conference is scheduled for July 29-30 at Faith Mennonite Church in Minneapolis, Minn. The event will be co-hosted by the Missio Dei community.

This year’s theme is loosely inspired by themes, from Aldous Huxley’s work, Brave New World and will be organized into three core areas, including:

1. Understanding the emerging technologies and forms of social control that will affect our futures
2. Identifying the practices and social structures that condition us so that we are either unwilling or unable to resist these forces of oppression. (Or, to reference Huxley, naming our “somas”)
3. Exploring concrete ways we can live as anarchists and radical followers of Jesus in this unfolding reality.

The planning team is currently developing sessions and identifying speakers. Session and workshop recommendations are welcome, as are proposals from people who are sure they are available to attend the event and who have a serious interest in participating . Sending a proposal does not guarantee that it will be accepted. E-mail: conference [at] jesusradicals [dot] com
Geographical Scope: National

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