Finding Our Roots Anarchist Conference 2011

Starting Date: 06-10-2011
Ending Date: 06-12-2011

Chicago, Illinois 60601
United States
The theme of this year’s conference is SOLIDARITY.

The concept of solidarity has long been evoked as a way of uniting many different people around a variety of social struggles. But how does this concept inform our theory and practices as anarchists/anti-authoritarians today?

As anarchists, who are we in solidarity with — and why? Is solidarity based around social identities helpful, harmful, or irrelevant to anarchist struggles? Are anarchists part of a broader Left, and if so, should anarchists maintain solidarity with other leftists? Does solidarity imply community and/or accountability? In what ways has the historical use of “solidarity” around social struggles affected the ways in which we use the term today? How has “solidarity” been recuperated for reformist or reactionary ends?
Geographical Scope: State


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