Fellowship of Reconcilation Northwest 2011 Conference

Starting Date: 07-01-2011
Ending Date: 07-04-2011

Seabeck Conference Center
Seabeck, Washington 98380
United States
For 53 years the Western Washington FOR and Oregon FOR have partnered to conduct one of the largest and best-loved peace conferences in the Northwest. This year's theme is "Toward a FAIR, SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL ECONOMY." Fair is a concept that even toddlers understand when they are asked to share and to take turns. With increasing sophistication, most of us progress from the idea of sharing equally to the idea of distributing resources as earned or as needed, at least within our closest circles. In the wider world, resources are distributed according to place of birth, race, class, gender, and other criteria unrelated to need, effort, or equality. We note, with alarm, increasing levels of CO2, decreasing reserves of fossil fuels, degradation of forests and wetlands, and more frequent meteorological disasters. How long will humans be able to inhabit our planet? We have a vision in which every child is nurtured by loving family and community, where all have access to safe and nourishing food, decent shelter, respectful education, meaningful work, healthcare, and joyful cultural expressions. Corporate greed and the institutions that support it - weapons and militarism, dictatorships, media misinformation, corrupt electoral systems, widespread prisons, private militias, racism and other forms of oppression, and more - stand in the way of our vision. What is being done on a local level all around the world, and on an international level through communication and cooperation, toward a fair, sustainable global economy? Come join us as we analyze problems, discuss solutions, and celebrate our fellowship in the human family. Keynote speaker Sarah van Gelder, co-founder and executive editor of YES! Magazine. Many workshop options which inform and inspire people who gather to examine and discuss current peace and justice concerns in our local communities, the nation, and the world. Seabeck also offers an outstanding music program, led by folksinger Tom Rawson. Our 200 attendees represent a wide variety of faith traditions and people with no religious connections. Child and youth programs ensure learning experiences for all family members. We welcome all to join us! info 206-789-5565 or wwfor@wwfor.org
Geographical Scope: Regional

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