Youth Empowered Action Camp - Santa Cruz Session 1

Starting Date: 07-23-2011
Ending Date: 07-30-2011

Santa Cruz, California 95060
United States
Have you ever wished you could make more of a difference in the world?
There are so many ways you can!

Maybe you’re concerned about global warming, about violence in your neighborhood, about ending homelessness or animal cruelty, or about everyone having the right to get married? Maybe you just don’t think it’s fair that school starts so early?! If you want to make a difference in the world, and want to meet other young leaders who feel the same way, have we got an opportunity for you! Join us for Youth Empowered Action Camp — a week of people and activities you will never forget.

At Youth Empowered Action Camp, you will choose an issue of importance to you, and leave camp with new skills, a plan of action, increased self confidence, and a community of friends and mentors to support you for years to come! Maybe right now you don’t think of yourself as a leader or know an issue that’s important to you. That’s totally fine! Maybe you’ve never even thought about how you could make a difference in the world. Or maybe you’ve already done a lot! Either way, you’ll fit right in — you don’t have to have it all figured out already. Our experienced staff and phenomenal campers will work closely with you so that by the time you leave camp, you are fired up and ready to go and inspired by how powerful you are and the difference you can make.

How do we make this happen? We set goals for the camp and tailor our activities to meet these goals.The intention of YEA Camp is that each and every camper develops the knowledge, skills, confidence, and community to take effective, inspired action on the issues that matter most to them for years to come.

And how do we do this? One day at a time! Each session of YEA Camp is slightly different, based on the campers, staff, venue, length of the program, etc., but here’s a general roadmap:
(1) DAY ONE is all about getting comfortable, and making friends.

Top priorities for Day 1 include everyone knowing everyone else’s name and making it “cool to care.” We play lots of fun getting-to-know-you games, do our first CIA about food, and have our first of YEA’s signature circles.
(2) DAY TWO is about each camper connecting to what is important to them and learning more about some of the social issues we are currently facing.

Campers choose an issue they care about, practice sharing about that issue with others, learn and share about actions our community has already taken to make a difference, develop an understanding of the issues other campers care about while cultivating friendships.
(3) DAY THREE campers see more examples of inspiring activists.

From youth currently doing amazing things to historic activists we may have read about in history books – and learn more about what is involved in bringing about social change.
(4) DAY FOUR is a day to think more strategically about your issue.

Why is it the way it is? Who makes decisions that keep it in place? What can be done about it? It’s also a day to practice talking about your issue more thoughtfully. How do we inspire others — especially those with the most power and influence — to take compassionate actions?
(5) DAY FIVE campers learn key activist skills

Campers learn skills that will be valuable in impacting change on their issue of importance (IOI) and that will be helpful when creating their action plan the next day. They’ll learn how to start and have an effective school club, how to plan a campaign, how to get signatures for a petition, and more.
(6) DAY SIX campers create an action plan

Campers come up with an action plan for a project they’re going to take on when they get home, and they get practice presenting and talking about their project with others.
(7) DAY SEVEN is a celebration of accomplishments and our community.
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