Reclaim Southeast Action Camp

Starting Date: 08-18-2011
Ending Date: 08-22-2011

Blue Ridge Hills
North Carolina
United States
Come and join in the RECLAIM POWER SOUTHEAST Action Camp!

August 18--22, 2011 on the Carolina state line in the thermals of the Blue Ridge

July 22, 2011

Dear Friends,

We hope you'll join NIRS and other groups at the Reclaim Power Southeast Action Camp near the North/South Carolina state line from August 18-22, 2011.

All ages and all skill levels are welcome. This event is for activists and those who are ready to become one!

RECLAIM POWER: empowerment is for each of us an internal, but like so many things, it is aided and enhanced by being with others of the same spirit! It gets really amped when people share inspiration from many different "issue" perspectives and from more than one generation! Join us and take time to open to new skills and hone those you rely on, learn new issues, share deep insight on long-term commitments, and create context for our passion to grow.

PRODUCTS: Empowered Activists and Community/Strategic action/Widening Network in solidarity with many ongoing campaigns--including the work at Blair Mountain, No Nukes Summer and the Walk Away From Uranium in Western Australia (see bottom of this e-mail for links to these campaigns).

The Action Camp site is located at a slice of Blue Ridge Heaven with a swimming pond and space for wandering as well as our shared space for issue workshops, specific skill training and developing the fine arts of non-violent direct action.

NO NUKES, NO COAL, NO KIDDING has been a theme of our work in the Southeast. This Action Camp includes social justice and the commitment to disarmament and creating peace--and is wide open on the front of teaching transferable skills--like how to do effective media work, how to make a strong blockade, how to deal with law enforcement during non-violent community actions, legal rights for activists, effective design of banners, puppets, posters. We are looking for more skill leaders and are open to more issue sessions.

Directions to the site will be disclosed to those who register, but it is only 40 minutes south of Asheville, NC and a short distance to many other communities in NC, SC and northern GA. Day-only participation is an option, but camping on the site is included in registration and recommended for those who would like to experience more community time.

You are welcome to come for any parts of the event beginning 4 pm on the 18th (unless you want to join the set-up crew!) and we hope you will stay for Monday August 22 when we will use our new and old skills together off-site in a non-violent expression of free speech (to be announced). Please do, if you can, plan to stay!

More information is at:
Register here to attend.

Have a session you would like to lead? Help us plan the program (still under construction--significant pieces will be posted by July 28) and drop a line if you have an offering:

About 1/4 of the programming time will be left open so those who are inspired at the time to lead a session or those who prefer to "drop into strategic planning" sub-groups will have time and space to make that happen.

Food is simple, veggie and abundant. Registration will allow you to share your specific needs.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: “Action Medic” Training. Katuah Medics will be offering a special in-depth, 3-day training track for those who want to be qualified to function as medics for their community during non-violent direct actions. Katuah medics supplemented by a national trainer will offer this course. Participants will participate in “camp life” but the training will be a separate, concurrent “track” at the RECLAIM POWER SOUTHEAST Action Camp.

The cost of this event is about $25 per person per day–so we are asking a sliding scale of $10-$40 per day. Sorry, no “day rate” since camping is free. No one will be turned away for lack of funds but everyone must register.
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