Midwest Power Shift 2011

Starting Date: 10-07-2011
Ending Date: 10-10-2011

Cleveland, Ohio 44101
United States
This October 7 - 10 thousands of young people will converge in Cleveland, Ohio for Midwest Power Shift.

At Midwest Power Shift young leaders from across our region are coming together and taking our movement to the next level. As a region, we’ve already got unprecedented momentum and tremendous energy, and we organize in the Midwest because we know the challenges faced here are some of the most crucial in the fight for climate justice. That’s exactly why this fall it’s our turn to come together, to learn from each other, and to strengthen a movement where it matters most; right here in the heart of it all.

For too long the Midwest has been written off and left behind, seen as a region not only faced with tremendous environmental and political issues, but also as a region that loses it’s best and brightest youth talent to other parts of the country. Now more than ever the youth climate movement in these ‘fly over states’ isn’t messing around; we’re standing up to dirty energy and shutting down coal plants left and right. We’re not just freaking out about fracking; we’re actually stopping it in our own communities. We’re standing up to attacks on workers rights and fighting back, and we’re building a clean energy economy in a region with a legacy of industrial capacity. Midwest Power Shift is our opportunity to fight for climate justice where it matters most - here in the Midwest, not just the halls of Congress.

Midwest Power Shift is being built from the ground up. So we need Campus & Community Coordinators to sign-up to help make sure their communities represent — they’ll help recruit people to the movement, and coordinate fundraising and transportation for people to get to Cleveland. Sign up below to get involved and help lead Midwest Power Shift!

What: Midwest Power Shift
When: October 7th - 10th
Where: Cleveland, OH

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Geographical Scope: Regional

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