Fair Development Conference

Starting Date: 10-28-2011
Ending Date: 10-30-2011

Baltimore, Maryland 21201
United States
Friday Oct. 28, 2011: Dinner, welcome, and keynote
Saturday October 29: Workshops and discussions
Sunday October 30: Action event

Friday and Saturday’s events will take place at and around 2640 St. Paul, Baltimore MD (map). Sunday’s event location is yet to be determined.

More complete program, schedule and details will be posted here when available.
Registration — your advance registration is appreciated to help us plan!
Call for Proposals — We are accepting proposals for workshops, panels, trainings and presentation until August 15th.

Why fair development?

The current economic crisis has made more apparent the growing numbers of people struggling to meet their basic needs—food, housing, healthcare, work with dignity and education.

Corporations and government leaders claim that the solution is an economic development model that hands power and public resources over to private entities in the name of job creation.

Poverty-zone Development runs rampant throughout the country in both city-centers and rural areas, as controlling forces advocate a kind of development that disregards public needs with empty promises of economic growth and job creation. At the same time, local community struggles highlight the need for an alternative model of development that respects human rights, maximizes public benefits and is sustainable. And to that end, participants in those struggles are using innovative methods to organize, develop leadership, and build power.

The Fair Development Conference is a gathering meant to increase our understanding of these challenging times, connect our various fronts of struggle, share movement-building strategies and develop a collective vision for “Fair Development.”
Geographical Scope: National


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