National March on Washington to End Poverty

Starting Date: 06-30-2012

Washington, District of Columbia 20003
United States
This Call is being issued to every person who reads these words. The world waits for us to move toward a progressive path that ensures humanity’s existence. OUR VERY EXISTENCE IS ON THE LINE! The 1% of the population that profits from wars, mass foreclosures, and union busting is attempting to divide and eliminate the rest of us one group at a time. Strategies to divide us have been successful. To unite in our interest, we must organize, analyze, and teach what is happening and why. . .

hard won rights of working people are being stamped out;
democracy is being overturned;
the corporate destruction of the planet is being ratcheted up;
hardworking people are losing their jobs, their homes, their futures and their families;
attacks are mounting against Medicaid, Medicare, education, welfare, housing, the environment, and Social Security.

With the technology available today, there is no need for scarcity anywhere on earth.


We ask you to unite with us to reach that goal. Join us in mounting this national MARCH ON WASHINGTON DC — and the local and national organizing and educational campaign of which it is a part, the ONE CLASS-ONE CAUSE Campaign.

Let us unite all sections of workers–the able-bodied and the disabled – the organized and the unorganized – the high paid, the low paid and the unpaid. We are one class–the working class. Our fight is not against each other but against those who seek profits at any expense. The corporations love war, will seek profits at anyone’s expense, and they never hear or heed our cries. Their motto is, “pollute, shoot, and don’t give a hoot!” Our motto is “One Class, One Cause!”

We are marching on Washington, D.C. because it is both the seat of national government and a blatant example of everything wrong with this country that we are gathering to fight. We are marching toward the building of what history demands from us – a world where the needs of the many out-weigh the needs of the few. The future of humanity is at stake. We have to craft a society that cares for mother earth, and allows all people to thrive and not merely survive. You must help carry this March.
Geographical Scope: National


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