United Students Against Sweatshops 15th Anniversary National Conference

Starting Date: 02-17-2012
Ending Date: 02-18-2012

Madison, Wisconsin 53705
United States

Exactly one year after we occupied Wisconsin's state capitol...

Get ready to join hundreds of students from all over the country to take the student movement to the next level at the USAS 15th Anniversary National Conference in Madison on February 17-18, 2012.
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On this weekend one year earlier, our USAS group, the Student Labor Action Coalition, mobilized thousands of UW-Madison students to join over 100,000 workers and community members fighting back against corporate-funded attacks on public sector workers by taking over our state capitol. Now, as the #Occupy movement escalates across the country, we invite you to return to the site of this historic occupation with student organizers from across the country, to learn how to win campaigns that build student and worker power, and to strategize about how we can make our movement for economic justice even stronger.

Join us in Wisconsin and help us seize this moment to escalate the fight against corporate greed!

Fifteen years ago, we joined with student labor activists across the country to help found USAS. We have grown to be the only entirely student-run national organization with a decade and a half of victories over billionaire corporations and university administrators who seek to take away the rights of the 99% on our campuses and in our communities. At this special USAS 15th Anniversary National Conference we’ll celebrate our history and our victories. We’ll strategize about how to step up our campaigns with campus workers and the garment workers sewing our university apparel who are fighting back against their greedy, billionaire employers, and we’ll explore new strategies to take on our University’s relationships with the Wall Street banks that crashed the economy and keep students, workers, and our families in misery

Whether you’re totally new to activism or have some experience under you belt, we can’t wait for you to join us in Wisconsin this February!

In solidarity,
Cristina Lor

Student Labor Action Coalition, UW-Madison

P.S. Bring a scarf
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