Labor Notes National Conference 2012

Starting Date: 05-04-2012
Ending Date: 05-06-2012

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Chicago, Illinois 60623
United States
Labor Notes conferences are the biggest gatherings of grassroots union activists, worker center members, and all-around troublemakers out there. Hold the date (and get it on your union's calendar!) to make sure you don't miss a day of the inspiration, education, and agitation.
I'll be there...

Where am I gonna be at on Cinco de Mayo? I will be with my people—union people—in a union town! Chicago! We’ll be networking, planning, building, sharing, learning and most important getting RE-IGNITED for what lies ahead. So what are you are waiting for? Get yourself to Labor Notes! I’ll be there.
Carlos Castillon, President, Communications Workers Local 9588, Colton, California
Geographical Scope: National


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