Theology and Peace Conference: Christian Community Amid Cultural Chaos

Starting Date: 06-05-2012
Ending Date: 06-07-2012

College Of Notre Dame Of Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland 21215
United States
Following our successful 2011 conference, Transforming Christianity, we continue building our network in the Baltimore, D.C. area. As a national conference organization creating a following it is vital to strengthen new connections in any local setting. As a rule therefore we return to a location at least a couple of times. But even without the policy, we could be charmed to return to "Charm City!" Our meeting there proved most fertile ground for renewed theology and spirituality out of Mimetic Theory. We are thrilled to be visiting Baltimore, reconnecting our community there, with a fresh line-up of speakers, and introducing an exciting new feature of participant-led workshops.

Our theme, Christian Community Amid Cultural Chaos, reflects our on-going desire to foster new styles of Christian community, providing seeds of life and hope within a society dominated by rivalry and violence.
Theology and Peace is pleased to announce our
A gathering for theologians, pastors, activists and others, to develop the insights of mimetic anthropology toward the formation of a theology, community and practice of peace.
A time to dialogue with one another and with....
Chair of Department of Psychology at Abilene Christian University and Popular Blogger, speaking on:
Purity and Pollution: The Psychology of Sacrifice and Scapegoating
Professor of Theology and Women's Studies at Shaw Univerity Divinity School, speaking on:
Black Pop Culture and Christianity
Richard's blog is found at:
There will also be at least one space in the program when conference goers are invited to choose from a range of workshop options, from liturgy to community formation to conflict resolution. Workshops will be run by individuals and groups developing theological practice out of mimetic anthropology. The final list will be published early in the new year. Overall the conference seeks to develop a holistic practice, via things like workshops, and including worship, small groups and time for relaxation!
Geographical Scope: National

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