The Economics of Happiness conference

Starting Date: 03-23-2012
Ending Date: 03-25-2012

David Brower Center
Berkeley, California 94702
United States
This coming March, join Vandana Shiva, Annie Leonard, Richard Heinberg, Joanna Macy, Anuradha Mittal, Manish Jain and many more for a ground-breaking conference in Berkeley, California. Through a program of plenary presentations and interactive workshops, we will explore ways of building a new economic system — an Economics of Happiness. Hosted by the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC), the conference will examine the structures and destructive qualities inherent in the corporate-controlled market economy and deconstruct the myths that have prevented us from making the necessary positive changes. Together, we will explore systemic solutions to support the local, globally—drawing inspiration from the many international grassroots initiatives: local food, new progress indicators, local business alliances, Occupy movements, urban agriculture, Transition towns, Ecovillages and more… The conference is a unique opportunity to continue the dialog started by our award-winning documentary, The Economics of Happiness. Come be part of the discussion! Connect, share and join in the movement for positive economic change!
Capacity is limited so early booking is recommended.

Geographical Scope: International

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