2012 Center for Social Justice and Public Service Conference: Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice

Starting Date: 04-13-2012

Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, California 95053
United States
This three-part conference, to be held at Santa Clara Law School on April 13, 2012, the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law in fall 2012, and University of Maryland School of Law in spring 2013, will explore questions about the relation between race and sexuality. These conversations seek to develop new knowledge and fresh scholarship through which deeper understandings of ourselves and others, as well as new pathways for coalition, may emerge. While significantly an academic project, though not exclusively a project in law, the conferences aspire to generate concrete interventions for progressives to explore directions in politics, society, and law toward a more just future in both race and sexual equality.

For more information, contact the Center for Social Justice and Public Service at socialjustice@scu.edu or 408.551.1720.
Geographical Scope: National

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