Southeast Regional Convergence of Occupations

Starting Date: 03-23-2012
Ending Date: 03-25-2012

Gainesville, Florida 32601
United States
Occupy activists from the southeastern US and the Carribean are invited to Gainesville, Florida March 23-25, 2012.

By organizing at the regional level, we can:
increase communication between occupations, and between activists
create space for those with similar interests to meet
coordinate on campaigns and actions across region
build international solidarity
begin creating structures of direct democracy over geographic distance
support culture of resistance, freedom, justice, mutual aid, etc.
share skills
address divisions in the movement such as those created by prejudice
contribute to the development of a long-term vision for the movement
provide support for smaller, isolated, or struggling occupations
celebrate our creativity, victories and goals
support communities struggling for freedom, justice and compassion
begin scaling up our community efforts as preparation for national and global assemblies. There are several proposed for the coming year.
Geographical Scope: Regional


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