Social Justice Training Institute 2012: The Student Experience

Starting Date: 07-11-2012
Ending Date: 07-14-2012

University Of San Francisco
San Francisco, California 94417
United States
What is the Social Justice Training Institute?
Since December of 1998, the Social Justice Training Institute has been providing an opportunity for individuals committed to issues of inclusion to develop their skills in the areas of dialogue and connectedness. Over 500 professional colleagues have participated in this experience to date. We have now expanded the experience to include an opportunity for students to gather and do some "personal work" related to social justice issues. The institute is open to 50 undergraduate students on college and university campuses in the U.S. and abroad. This advanced experience is for students who have done a fairly significant amount of work on social justice issues. Four to six alumni will join two SJTI faculty to complete the facilitation team.

Institute Format
The Social Justice Training Institute will provide an intensive developmental opportunity for students to examine the complex dynamics of oppression and to develop strategies to foster positive change on their campuses and in their communities.

Students who attend the institute will be given the opportunity to explore the identities that make up who they are and better understand the extent to which these identities impact all they do. Through facilitated activities and exercises along with small group dialogue, participants will engage in conversations that will challenge and support them in their journey toward understanding how they can each – individually – impact our global community. To this end, each student will be asked to obtain a "Coach" from their home campus and to develop a Social Justice Commitment (SJC) detailing personal growth goals, an intervention that will impact their home campus and ways in which they can contribute to their community. The Coach must be a faculty member, staff member or administrator on the student's home campus. Participants will work with their Coach after the institute to continue their growth process and to implement their SJC.

Unlike conferences where participants can come and go, the institute is dependent upon the consistent contributions of all participants throughout the entire event. To ensure the maximum learning and growth for all, participants are expected to attend and participate in all sessions from the opening to the closing.

2012 Institute

Time and Place
The 2012 SJTI – The Student Experience will be held at the University of San Francisco, located in San Francisco, California.

SJTI will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, and will end at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 14, 2012.

Lodging and Meals
Participants will be staying on campus in Loyola Village. Participants will dine primarily in the Outtakes Café during the Institute.

Getting to San Francisco
It’s easy! Just check out our Travel Information page.

Future Institutes

Colorado State University (Summer 2013)
Geographical Scope: National

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