Socialism 2012 Conference

Starting Date: 06-28-2012
Ending Date: 07-01-2012

Chicago, Illinois
United States
Join us for more than 100 presentations on such topics as:
Where Is the Egyptian Revolution Going? • The Future of the Occupy Movement • Marxism and Imperialism • The Overpopulation Myth • The Communist Manifesto • The New War On Women • What is the Real Marxist Tradition?

exploiter.” That's how the African American revolutionary Malcolm X characterized the international scene in 1965. But the description seems even more apt today.

After years of devastation in the clutches of the Great Recession, masses of people are discovering their own power to change the world. The Arab Spring has given birth to a global movement of Occupiers that has revived the politics of class struggle and revolution for the 21st century. Instead of the cutbacks, unemployment and repression that our rulers offer us, solidarity in struggle shows that “another world is possible.”

Each year, the Socialism conference brings together more than 1,500 scholars and activists from around the country to learn OUR history of class struggle and debate strategies for building a better world. Don't miss this chance to meet hundreds of others like you: committed fighters against a system of greed, racism, war, and oppression.

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