Reflection and Resistance: Anarchism and Christianity X

Starting Date: 08-10-2012
Ending Date: 08-11-2012

Charlotte, North Carolina 28212
United States
Reflection and Resistance: Anarchism and Christianity X
August 10 & 11, 2012

Area 15
15th Street North Davidson
Charlotte, North Carolina

A decade. That is how long Jesus Radicals has been moving from location to location across the U.S., gathering people together to explore the intersections of counter-cultural Christian faith and anarchist politics. Together, new and old friends have met to discuss topics as wide-ranging as economics, peacemaking, intentional community, immigration, the technological society, experiments in alternative living, resisting oppressions, un/schooling, sexuality, deconstructing civilization, non/violence, the prison-industrial complex and on and on and on. This year, we will host our tenth year in Charlotte, and gather again to share more ideas, network with each other, and teach and learn together. We hope you will join in a joyful time of reflecting on where we are going, celebrating where we have been, and inspiring one another to live into and live out God’s upside-down kin/g/dom.

This year, gathering organizers are working to plan a gathering that will be chock-full of interactive learning sessions, as well as trainings, skills-shares and workshops. We are glad to tap into the local resources available to us at Area 15 and in the greater Charlotte area. Please stay tuned for additional information as the event unfolds.

Contact us: conference [at] jesusradicals [dot] com
Geographical Scope: National

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