Responsible Endowments Coalition Midwest Summer Organizing Retreat

Starting Date: 08-18-2012
Ending Date: 08-24-2012

Racine, Wisconsin 53402
United States
How would you change the world with one million dollars? What about $10 million, $100 million, or $1 billion? REC can help you discover the immense potential your school's endowment holds - and then give you everything you need to make change happen on your campus!

Universities, as major institutional investors, are failing their communities by supporting the financial status quo in higher ed: maximizing profit over all social or environmental considerations; choosing high-risk, high-reward dealings; investing in highly complex financial instruments with little transparency; banking with Wall Street, instead of equally sound local community institutions; and choosing to not engage or influence the corporations in which they're investing.

REC has the tools you need to shift the status quo. We invite you to join other students from around the country for a week-long training retreat to develop your knowledge about responsible investment and share strategies from across the movement! Our summer program is perfect for someone new to the responsible investment movement in higher education, or for someone looking to develop a strong campaign plan for next year. There is no previous experience or knowledge required.

There is no deadline to apply -- but the sooner, the better!

Where: DeKoven Center, Racine, WI. 45 minutes from Milwaukee or 2 hours from Chicago by car; also accessible via public transit
When: Saturday evening -- Friday morning, August 18 -- 24, 2012
Cost: Sliding scale $0-$300
Geographical Scope: Regional

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